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1. Deciding When To Move

The first order of business when moving is to pick a date. Moving companies have their peak season in the summertime and so the demand for trucks, vans, movers, and supplies is higher and more expensive. Our Moving Sale Days program addresses that consideration - schedule your move on specific dates throughout the month and benefits from special rates.

A second consideration is weekend vs. weekday moving. Don't forget that the advantages of moving on a weekday include the fact that banks, utilities, and other such necessary offices aren't open on Sundays. If you move into a new place on a weekend and need to call for maintenance, for example, it will be somewhat of a hassle.

2. Deciding What to Take

This is a big one. What do you take with you and what do you leave behind? Often times, people move across the country with large, cumbersome items only to regret it later when they come to the realization that they never use these items. Make the daunting task of packing up all your worldly possessions easier on yourself and try to give what you can to charity, and throw the rest of it out. Don't feel bad about the losses! Although moving can be a major and frightening change, it is also a chance to start life anew.

3. Tipping the Movers

The general rule of thumb regarding tipping the movers is 15%-20% of the total cost of the move. The tip can be added to the credit card bill, or you can pay it in cash to the team captain who will then distribute it amongst the members of the team.

4. Packing it All Up

Packing is an extremely important aspect of relocation and if you leave it to the last minute you're almost certain to regret it. There are plenty of boxes and containers made specifically for packing all sorts of items from dishes to sports equipment. It's wise to consider using these specially-designed boxes or utilizing the help of a moving professional to pack for you. If you choose to pack it all up yourself though, be sure to wrap everything carefully and tightly. It's an invaluable idea to mark the outside of all boxes with a short list of their inner contents or the name of the room that is their final destination.

5. Choosing a Moving Company

Choosing a reputable moving company is critical in order to avoid potential catastrophe. Here are some tips:
Get a written estimate and get it in person, never over the phone.
Make sure to determine with the movers whether the estimate is binding or not.
Ask your moving company for references and check them.
In addition to the references, contact the Better Business Bureau about your selected moving companies and their complaint records.
The DOT (Department of Transportation) is another good source. Any moving service, if they are legal, will be licensed with the DOT.

6. Utility Transfers and Address Changes

Don't forget to contact your old and new utility providers and to fill out the official Change-of-Address with the United States Post Office! Below is a brief checklist to remind you of some upcoming tasks, and you can CLICK HERE for links to various helpful sites to set up your newspaper, cable, utilities, as you change your address.

7. Important Papers

If you're relocating with children, see tip #7 below for the important papers you'll need for them. For adults though, there are also important documents that you'll need to take extra care to safeguard during your move. These might include:
Driver's License/ Insurance
Birth Certificates
Mover's Written Estimates
Recent Bills
Bank Records
Phone Contacts
Realtor Information

8. Relocating with Children

Moving with children involves a slue of entirely different considerations than moving without them. If your children are already in elementary school, of course, you'll want to try and leave in the summer. Relocating to a new school district during the school year can be traumatic for kids so it's best to avoid it. In order to enroll your child into a new public school you will need the following:
A Birth Certificate
A copy of your child's History of Immunization
A copy of a School Entry Medical Exam (which can be done by a physician before the move)
For a complete list of School Districts visit your state's .gov education pages.
Life is a Journey. Move Well.
Tips & Info

Moving huh? Whether you're moving across the street or across the country, moving is stressful. Local Movers N  Moving is a professional relocation service that's been in business for over 10 years. So before you embark on your journey, here are seven critical but easy-to-follow tips:
Deciding When To Move
Deciding What to Take
Tipping the Movers
Packing it All Up
Choosing a Moving Company
Utility Transfers and Address Changes
Important Papers
Relocating with Children