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BY : Frank Wilson - This company makes moving almost enjoyable
I researched a lot of good companies for this move. But I was very convinced that Local Movers & Moving was the best option for us. They not only did a spectacular job, but they truly did surpass my expectations. They double wrapped everything, even the small pieces and unwrapped everything. Then, they helped me arrange everything in each room and place the furniture in a few spots. The movers were so friendly the full day. They came ready with boxes, rolls of bubble wrap, covers for my sofa and mattress and even tape. I was appreciative that I did not have to go out and purchase these items. The whole procedure was brilliant and I have to say thank you a million times.

BY : Sarah S.  - The service was great!

My name is Sarah S. and I recently moved my law office from Ellicott City to Columbia, MD. I hired Local Movers & Moving to do the move. I met with Mario the owner of the company prior to the move and we walked the space and discussed my options and how I wanted the move to be handled. After the meeting I felt as if I was not going to need to worry about a single thing.
Then move day came, Tim and his crew: Alex, Fefet, Jim, and Robert came and after a short recap of what they were going to do, they immediately went to work. The move itself took two (2) full days. There was never a time where the guys were not professional and courteous. I even left them several times and did so without hesitation because I felt confident in the job they were doing.

I would recommend Local Movers & Moving to anyone who is either moving a residence or a business. You will not be disappointed. I commend Tim and his crew and on a job well done. The move could not have gone any smoother and I am completely satisfied. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not use Local Movers & Moving for your next moving needs.

Sarah S.

BY : Michel C - Warm Recommendation - Local Movers & Moving

I recently used Local Movers & Moving service, and believe it was the best decision I made for a long time!
From start to finish it was great experience. The packers were cautious, everything was boxed up and wrapped with care and the movers were real professionals. All my shop tools and shop Machines arrived safely. I am very please to say Local Movers & Moving is the best choice I made on moving my things - Excellent Service Guys!

BY : Sam - Recommended Moving Company

I had to choose a moving company to move me from VA to MD.
Since it wasn't the first time, I had no doubts as far as who is going to move me - Local Movers & Moving!
All the movers were very helpful and did everything we needed in Richmond, VA.
I always appreciated good service and for sure the quality I received from Local Movers & Moving  is one of a kind.
Thank You guys!

BY : Ben S - They are great !

2 very pleasant men helped me with a very small move. It was almost impossible to find anyone to give me a reasonable price for such a small and short move, but Steve and his co-worker were great. They did not slide furniture, everything was so softly placed into position. The moved everything in 1/2 the time I anticipated, and were very pleasant.
They do have an auto attendant phone system. I did have to leave a voicemail on a follow up call, but they did return the call within the hour. I have to say after I left the voicemail, the other comments on here made me want to cancel all together. I'm glad I ignored them, and used Steve's team.

I'm in no way affiliated with this company. I found them on craigslist, and actually called 10 other companies before finding one that would consider my job.

BY : Paul - The best Move in my life.

Recently, we re-located our office from a 2000 square foot space to a much smaller space. Local`s management worked with me to coordinate all of the logistics prior to the move. We had four delivery sites since we had to give away a lot of furniture and open up a storage unit. Our Coral`s crew was so professional, fast and hard-working. The movers were extremely friendly and respectful. We had so many boxes, every time I turned around there were dozens of more boxes on dollies. The Local`s crew just kept lifting the boxes and moving the boxes always with a smile on their face. I recommend  Local Movers & Moving to anyone who is moving, I felt like these guys treated our possessions like they were moving their own things. When you spend 8 hours with a moving crew you get a sense of the people and the company where they work, these guys are the real deal. Total pros.

BY : Birdy - Very satisfied! Easy and Smooth Move!

So I was Moving to my new House and I have a lot of furniture and important stuff that I wanted to take with me so my husband told me if I could find the way Moving all the stuff then I could take it so I called Local Movers & Moving and they really helped. They are really great Movers. I highly recommend them. Now I have everything I want in my new House. Thanks!!

BY : Thuy - The best service ever!!!

I love this company. They've moved me 3 times and they are fast and efficient. The best part is that they're cheap!!! I've gone with many other movers and no one is better than this company. I recommend them to my friends and co-workers!!!

BY : Julian -  Very impressive.  Highly RECOMENDED!   

After researching Movers in my area for my upcoming move, I found Local Movers & Moving at Google. I was extremely pleased with the level of service and knowledge from the sales staff. They helped me with every aspect of the move from packing items, boxes, inventory and price. I felt like I was the only customer that mattered. They were prompt, courteous and efficient, in addition to being quite entertaining and highly professional. They packed my fragile items and belongings with the utmost care and the packers were very pleasant. The Truck used to move my belongings was clean and packed efficiently with my items safety in mind. The level of customer service was outstanding. I felt the movers cared about me and my belongings. The movers exceeded my expectations. I honestly felt that Local Movers & Moving had my best interest at heart. I highly recommend using Local Movers & Moving for your next move and packing needs...